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Welcome to The Way Ministries


Embark on a Journey of Meaning and Transformation


Discover Your Purpose with Us at The Way Church

At The Way Ministries, we invite you on a journey like no other. Our church is not just a place of worship; it's a sanctuary where the wounded heal, the seekers find direction, and everyone is embraced for who they are.


Shed the Past, Embrace the Future

We recognize the struggles with shame, abuse, and distorted views of religion. At The Way, we move beyond these barriers. Our focus is on healing, understanding, and fostering a deep, personal reconciliation with God, guided by the Holy Spirit.



Your Saturdays Reimagined

Service Time: Every Saturday morning, join a gathering that's more than just a service—it's an awakening.

Authenticity Welcomed: Come as you are. Here, authenticity is celebrated.

Nourish Your Spirit: Engage with our friendly staff, absorb compelling teachings, and be inspired by the profound insights of our Pastors.

Transformative Experiences: Feel a connection that transcends the ordinary and discover spirituality in a refreshing new light.



A Haven for All

First-Time or Returning: Whether you're new to faith, returning after a break, healing from past hurts, or simply curious, you've found a home with us.

We're Here for You: For any questions about our church, beliefs, services, programs, or other aspects of The Way, reach out. We're here to guide and support you.



Connect with The Way

Join The Way Church and be part of a community that nurtures spiritual growth, encourages service, and embraces healing. Visit our website or get in touch for more details on our schedule and services. We eagerly await to welcome you into our family of faith, connection, and transformation.


Contact Information

Phone: (279) 209-7227



The Way Ministries: Your Path to a Meaningful Spirit Filled Life Awaits.

The Way World Wide Ministries 501c3.

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