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Taking Root: The Cornerstone of The Way Ministries


Taking Root is a profound educational journey at The Way Ministries designed to foster an intimate and personal relationship with Jesus. This transformative program steers us away from the trappings of performance-based religion and guides us toward aligning with God's will, under the guidance of the Holy Spirit.

Through the Taking Root process, you will come to truly know Jesus on a personal level. It's a revelation of the Holy Spirit's work within us, our standing before God the Father, and the discovery of our true identity. In essence, Taking Root serves as a vehicle for recognizing our identity through the intimacy we cultivate with Christ Jesus or the Holy Spirit.

Join us weekly for interactive teachings that will lead you on this transformative journey of deepening your connection with Jesus and understanding your true identity in Him.


Our classes are taught    in a series.  These classes were created to build intimacy. This is not a behavior modification program this is an awakening of your soul and spirit. 

Taking Root

Crystal Salt

Classes We Offer

The DNA Series: Discover, Nurture, Achieve


The DNA series at The Way Ministries is a dynamic, three-part program designed to guide you through a transformative journey of self-discovery, growth, and empowerment.


Session 1: Discover - "Connect to God"

In this foundational session, you'll embark on a quest to deepen your connection with God, fostering a profound understanding of your true identity in Christ. Learn to embrace unwavering faith and cultivate a culture of honor while developing your spiritual life through intimacy with God's presence and His Word.


Session 2: Nurture - "Develop"

Expand your capacity for spiritual growth through intimate connections, vulnerability, and experiential knowledge. Gain authority by recognizing your identity as a cherished child of God, surrendering to the guidance of the Holy Spirit, and embracing the virtues of grace, generosity, and servitude.


Session 3: Achieve - "Empower"

Empower yourself to empower others by grasping the significance of discipleship and development. Follow the divine mandate to make disciples of all nations and foster a community grounded in personal responsibility and guided by the Holy Spirit's transformative influence.


Join us for the DNA series and embark on a journey that will help you uncover your true self, nurture your spiritual potential, and empower others in their own spiritual growth.



Taking Root: Knowing the God of the Word, Not the Performance of Religion


In the spirit of the timeless quote, "Many know the word of God, but few know the God of the Word," Taking Root, a 13-session series by The Way Ministries, embarks on a transformative journey of Christian identity and faith exploration. It is a profound exploration that guides both newcomers and those seeking to break free from the confines of performance-based religion. Our mission is to help individuals truly know the God of the Word, transcending mere performance.


This enlightening odyssey leads to a profound understanding of the God Head,  God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit, breathing life into the quote's wisdom. Participants will uncover insights into Church history, grasp the essential distinction between grace and performance, and learn how to align their lives with the teachings of Jesus and discover a deeper sense of identity. As this class concludes, attendees will not only possess a deeper knowledge of their faith but will also live out the truth embodied in the quote, transcending the trappings of performance-based religion to find a deeper connection with the God of the Word. Through this journey, their true identity in Christ is solidified, and their faith is enriched, allowing them to experience a more authentic and intimate relationship with our Creator.

Spiritual-Warfare: The Battle Within - Unleashing Inner Healing, Breaking Free, and Embracing True Freedom

Welcome to "Spiritual-Warfare: The Battle Within," an engaging 9-part series that invites you to embark on a transformative journey towards unlocking inner healing, breaking free from spiritual bondage, and embracing the liberating power of genuine freedom. As we delve into the profound need for an outward transformation, we come to realize that it can only emerge from the depths of inner healing and liberation. This captivating journey takes us on a profound exploration not only of healing the wounds that reside within but also of unshackling the chains that have bound us for far too long. These chains, reminiscent of triggers, take the form of deceiving spirits such as the spirit of rejection, the spirit of anger, or the spirit of abandonment. They firmly grip our minds, keeping us in captivity, both through relentless thoughts and memories and by perpetuating behavioral patterns triggered by past traumas. These triggers, in essence, serve as protectors of the thought processes and behavior patterns that developed during traumatic events, which we refer to as strongholds. Paradoxically, these strongholds, which we believe protect us from further harm, ultimately keep us captive.

This series embarks on an exploration of the profound void that often resides within our souls—a void sculpted by the scars of past wounds, betrayals, and grievances. We often attempt to fill this enigmatic emptiness with fleeting pleasures, whether they be vices, relationships, or distractions, only to realize that these pursuits fall short of providing true solace. However, through this transformative journey, we come to a profound revelation—the key to genuine healing, deliverance, and freedom lies not in external pursuits, but in the loving embrace of the Lord. As we seek His presence, surrender to His healing grace, and confront the hidden forces that hold us captive, our broken hearts find true restoration, our chains are shattered, and our voids are genuinely filled. Together, let us embark on a path of empowerment, understanding, and unparalleled liberation.

The core of this series lies in the recognition that true healing doesn't come from masking the pain of past traumas or attempting to fill the void with fleeting pleasures. Burying this pain deep within only perpetuates its influence, shaping our actions and choices, often without our realization. It's a cry of the soul, a plea for divine intervention. In Luke 4:14-30, Jesus unveils a cornerstone of His mission on Earth, drawing from Isaiah 61:1, His divine purpose to heal the brokenhearted. His mission is vividly depicted in John 4 when He encounters a Samaritan woman at the well—a woman whose actions and choices reflect the portrait of a deeply broken heart. Her journey to the well during the scorching midday sun is more than a preference for solitude; it's a symbol of her desire to escape judgment and the hushed whispers of criticism from the village women. Each step she takes under that searing sun is weighed down by the chains of shame, regret, and the yearning for genuine love—a love she may have never truly experienced. Her numerous relationships, including five broken marriages and her current liaison, are not mere decisions; they are desperate attempts to mend the brokenness of her heart and fill a void left by past heartbreaks and disappointments. This series invites us to ponder the woman's story, her longing for healing, and her search for something to fill the emptiness. It challenges us to confront the hidden wounds within our own hearts and consider how they influence our choices. Like her, we might have been drawn to relationships, substances, or other temporary comforts in our quest for love and healing. Yet, this series leads us to a profound revelation—that the people and things we turn to in moments of vulnerability cannot truly fill the void or heal our deepest hurts. True healing, the genuine salve for our souls, can only be found in the healing embrace of the Lord. Through this series, we learn to turn to Him, seek His presence, and surrender to His healing grace. In doing so, our broken hearts find true healing, and the voids within are genuinely filled.


Gatherings and Fellowship at The Way

Gatherings and Fellowship at The Way hold a special place in our hearts as they serve as essential building blocks for our community. We truly believe that these gatherings are incomplete without your presence, as we rely on one another for encouragement and personal growth. Our fellowship events are open to both women and men, fostering an inclusive environment where everyone can come together.

Transparency is the lifeblood of our gatherings, and it thrives on vulnerability. At The Way, our gatherings are more than just meetings; they are safe havens of honor and non-judgmental spaces where you can freely share both your victories and struggles. Your presence in our gatherings enriches our community, and together, we create an atmosphere of trust and support.

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